Our main office is in Swieqi, Malta Republic. With the spread of our Decentralized Exchange throughout the world, our offices will be opened in many countries. . this will be in countries where the community and the support is greater.
Feel free to reach us out by sending an e-mail to the [email protected] address
Answer is - NO! Nitro Project is working on Exchange , which is going to be a Decentralized Exchange.
P2PB2B Exchange after IEO session on the trading pairs and you will be able to trade and use NTRT tokens for fees on the Nitro Exchange .
As a decentralized public ledger, blockchain technology is a moderate method to store and share reward point programs and parities. Nitro Platform will be replacing point-based programs with NTRT Tokens. Users who will purchase NTRT tokens equal to 1000USDT and HODL them , will be able to get 60% bonus reward / Annually , Which is 5% Monthly!
Algorithmic trading bot is a sort of trading bot that includes automatically executing trading systems instead of manual orders. At the end of the day, merchants run calculations (a lot of guidelines to tackle an issue) on PCs to naturally purchase, sell, and hold resources. There are a few advantages of algorithmic trading which essentially incorporates cutting expenses and sparing time. A few lines of code can execute trading while making synchronous economic situation checks over various trades, all while working day in and day out nonstop.
Those users who wants to use the trading bot , will need to purchase 10.000 NTRT tokens.
Users of Nitro Trading bot will be able to use it on BITMEX Exchange.